Friday, 23 February 2018

foundation topic tips for students and parents

There are hundreds of basic concepts which are wrongly perceived by students start annoying any students in 11th and 12th standard. A simple 10 min explanation not only clarifies the concept, but also create a zeal to learn more about the concept.

Lets take a very simple example which can be understood easily by 7th and 8th standard kids.

 While teaching topic "Heat and thermodynamics", we start with a simple and casual talk: "In winters, if we compare an iron rod with a wooden stick, which one has lower temperature?" 

Its a very simple discussion and almost all students want to pitch in. To ensure that each and every student take part in the discussion, we put the same point in different terms, and ask them again, "If you touch an iron rod and a wooden stick, which one seem to have less temperature?" 

Most of the students answer: "iron rod will be at lower temperature"

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Faculty: "Oopes... thats not correct !" The moment we decline their answer, which they were very confident about, they become even more curious !

Faculty "Temperatures of both (iron rod as well as tree) are same !!!"

Students start frowning their eyebrows even more... they have reached a stage, where they are so curious to listen the reason that they wont let faculty leave the classroom unless they are answered. Radars of these students are on and in full swing.

Faculty doesn't answer and keep silent. Students ask back "Sir but iron rod feels cooler and it must be at lesser temperature"

Faculty smiles and responds back "When we touch an object, heat either flows from our body to the object or from object to our body, depending on wether object is cooler or hotter than our body. For example, if we touch a hot object like "candle" then heat flows from candle to our body whereas touching an ice cube will reverse the flow. Better is the conductor, more if the RATE OF FLOW of heat. Since Iron is a good conductor as compared to wood, rate of heat flow from our body to iron rod, is much faster than that of body to wood and hence rod "feels" cooler than tree."

We further elaborate by giving few analogies. Eg, If a kid is getting Rs 10 every day from his father and Rs 20 from his grandfather. It doesn't mean that grandfather has more money. Only thing we can interpret is "grandfather has tendency to give more money", he may or may not have more money than father.

This discussion continues for 10-15 minutes with exchange of multiple thoughts and explanation. Click here to to watch the video of this discussion. Ultimately students get the feel of the concept and thoroughly understand the difference between heat and temperature.