Thursday, 9 March 2017

Relation between syllabus of 7th to 12th standard.

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A basic idea about the flow of topics can surprise many of you. Its a very interesting and important information, which can help you channelize your study plan very effectively. 

Most of the 11th and 12th standard topics, are introduced in 8th, 9th and 10th standard! Usually 8th to 10th standard students score marks simply by mugging up formulas and definition. For example Newton's Law motion (NLM) is in 11th standard as well as 9th standard. Many of the 9th standard students mug up NLM, which certainly help them score full marks in science and will make parents and kids happy. But does it really add any value to the understanding and mental growth of the student? 

Instead of simply mugging, if the student is taught basic logic and science behind the NLM, then there will be lot many advantages
1.      In 11th standard, when NLM is taught in class, most of the the students will get engaged with the basic understanding of the law and hardly get time for practicing application based problem solving. The moment they start gaining confidence in NLM, next chapter begins and these students are forced to move on to next topic. Such students finds it difficult to score high in internal mock tests. This becomes an advantageous point for those who had understood the basics in 9th as they can jump on practice problem solving, immediately after quick revision of basic, which they had understood in 9th only!
2.      Once a student is able to perform better than rest of the class, he eventually starts putting more efforts to maintain his reputation and improve it further. This leads to a very beneficial transformation in his priorities. Such students develop interest in studies, and stay away from time wasting activities like video games, TV etc. This transformation at right time is necessary and sufficient to make them successful person !

3.      At the tender age, these students start using their brain in deep analysis and problem solving. It helps in stimulation of their grey cells and fast development of the brain.

Click here to understand the basic difference between heat and temperature. Kids (sometimes parents as well) usually can not discriminate between heat and temperature. With clear understanding of this simple concept, such student find topic "Heat" more interesting.

Yet another surprising thing is, standard 10th syllabus of maths and science is easier than 9th standard. It may help student in getting better result in their first reputed exam, ie 10th board exams. Click here for tips for last few days before 10th board exam

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